Pulau Tuba, a hilly island and the only inhabited one, besides the main Langkawi Island. It is a strikingly beautiful Island located 5 kilometres from Kuah and a 20 minutes boat ride. All the residents living in this Island are mostly Muslims so it is also known as the Islamic Island.

It is a traditional fishing village and the villagers prefer the old ways of drawing water from the wells although it provides all the other facilities like power, fresh water supply, telephones and they also provide a number of homestay program unionised by Malaysia’s Fisheries Development Authority. Here the entire household heads work as fishermen and do farming.

The Island is not fully developed thus contain a natural home ground to wildlife and has an ample growth of herbs and shrubs. A rare species of flora knows as Tuba plant is common here and its roots are used to catch fish. You will also see Hornbills flying all around and some other domestic and wild animals at various sites in Pulau Tuba. The fisher folks occasionally go to the forest to collect herbs, medicinal roots, wild fruits, wax and honey and sell them to complement the family income. The women are also very skilful and keep occupied in weaving pandan, coconut leaf mats and other handicrafts for basic usage and to support the family income.


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